Hey guess what avid readers? I’M ON HOLIDAY! Woot! Its been so long in coming and now its 3 weeks of no work, 3 weeks of not driving a postie van and 3 weeks of not climbing all those stairs. Phew!

We’re just back from the weekly shop, many nice goodies to munch on now. Hmm I’m hungry now as a matter of fact. Theres some football on later, I’ll have to listen to it though as I stopped my Sky Sports subscription some time ago. You never know if Xander shows more of an interest in the game I’ll get it again, but at the moment hes not too bothered about football.

I watched The latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie last night (reviewed here) and found it pretty enjoyable. I wasn’t expecting that much from it, but was nicely surprised and I guess there will be more to come. Tonight, I think it will be some more of The Tudors of perhaps The Lincoln Lawyer which I have been meaning to watch for some time now.

Xander is becoming quite the fan of films these days. He took out 102 Dalmatians from the library on DVD and loved it, so he is now watching the original animated Disney film and whenever Cruella is on screen, he cups his hands round his mouth and goes “booooooo”. I think he might be ready for the pantomime this year, lol. He getting much more involved for sure. Its good to see though, and holding a conversation like you or I would have is really easy and just seems to come naturally to him.

So what else, I’m thinking of firing up Football Manager again to see if I can get into a game again. I became tired of it, but I might get a hold of an older version that isn’t quite so involved and get a game going. I think that the makers are trying to make them far too realistic in terms of what you can do with the games these days. Its all about training, tactics, pre match talks and player interaction. I miss the days of picking the players with the best stats and just seeing how the game ended up. Sometimes you got lucky, sometimes you didn’t.

Anyways, thats my lunch almost ready now, so I’ll sign off and leave you with a funny video I saw last night. Its one of the How It Should Have Ended vids available on the interweb and this is one of the best examples of their comedy. I also think this is better than the actual movie. Enjoy and tune in next week. It will be late though as we are away in Blyth for a long weekend to see the in laws. Looking forward to some time off and letting the gramps entertain Xander for a bit =)