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Time for a new review I think. I saw the new version of Jane Austen’s classic novel Jane Eyre last week and thought I would give it a review having not previously know the story despite my wife having seen just about every version of it ever made. It isn’t a modern reworking or anything, it is still a period drama, but with some of today’s new stars of the silver screen.

Jane is a drab governess who’s hard hearted employer manages to fall in love with her despite having his choice of lady in the country. Little does she know that he hides a secret that she will discover at the worst possible time in their relationship.

The main part is played by Mia Wasikowska, who recently starred in the Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland film opposite Johnny Depp. She plays the part pretty well with no frills which is precisely how the character of Jane should be, nothing exciting or flamboyant, just…so. Her opposite number in this version of the story is Michael Fassbender playing the part of Rochester. I like this guy more and more and in this role he showed that he can be very versatile. This isn’t a role like Magneto in X-Men, or in Centurion as Quintas Dias, this is a role that is much more subtle and has to show more feeling as the story progresses towards a love interest. He does it pretty well and I thought he fit the part well. Also starring are Dame Judy Dench and Jamie Bell.

Of course with this being a period drama there isn’t much in the way of special effects, but costume appears accurate and well done. The settings are quite impressive aswell and on the whole I rather liked this movie. It certainly didn’t bore me as much as I expected it to and if you are a fan of the classic stories, then perhaps you should give this a shot. I’ll give it a 6/10. Its not too long either and the story isn’t so cheesy either to be fair. Have a look at the trailer.