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Its the middle of the week again. Seems like just five minutes ago I was writing about The Thing. This week I’m taking a look at a film from Clive Barker, Hellraiser II : Hellbound.

You may wonder why I haven’t done the first movie? Simply because I found the second one far more entertaining. The original was good for introducing the story surround the box that opens the gateway to Hell and the character of Julia who brings back Uncle Frank, but I found that actual film pretty dull and visually uninteresting. The sequel was a better story for me and definitely better looking as a film.

Made in 1988, the story is about Kirsty Cotton, played by Ashley Laurence, who after the events of Hellraiser has wound up in a mental institution under the care of Doctor Channard who is portrayed by Kenneth Cranham. This is where she befriends a young girl called Tiffany who has a gift for solving puzzles. You can of course guess what happens next, the girl solves Pinhead’s puzzle box and so opens the doorway to Hell itself which Doctor Channard has been searching for all along.

There was more in the way of horror in this movie than in the first. More from the Pinhead (Doug Bradley) point of view. You also get more of an insight into why the Cenobites (the keepers of Hell) are there in the first place and this coupled with some pretty good writing for a horror sequel from Clive Barker make for a good film. I always thought that this was the best of the Hellraiser movies, but I may review more of them, in particular the fourth in the series Bloodline which gives a lot of insight into the actual history of the puzzle box and also its future.

As a stand alone movie, Hellbound is one of those films that if you see it on a channel one night, it would be worth watching if you have nothing else to do. I give it a fairly decent 6/10, not too shabby. Heres the trailer, its a terible voiceover, but you get the picture…