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Welcome along to another Tuesday Tunes. Each week I will post up a new subject involving music and all you have to do is post a comment in my blog or if you have your own blog, link back to my blog. I hope you enjoy it and join in. Leave your choices in the comments box below, thanks.

I Shouldn’t But I Do” – What songs do you like that are out of character for your usual musical taste?

This week I am delving into the realms of songs that like, but go completely against your usual taste in music or you hate the artists, but the song is so catchy you can’t help but like it. I thought if this subject due to a song that I heard today on my car iPod that I hadn’t heard for a couple of months that just happened to come up on shuffle. Lets take a trip to Ireland and the VERY grey area that is Jedward.

This track was their Eurovision entry for 2011 and although I hate the pair of them, I like the song and they actually did a pretty good job on the two nights they performed the track for European audiences. Not an easy task with so many watching. “Lipstick” finished in 8th place in the final, so it wasn’t as bad as some made out. Heres the official video for the shortened Eurovision version of the track.

Second today is The Saturdays with “Up“. Just another catchy tune. The girls look pretty good too in this video (mmm Frankie lol) but this was also a song that caught the attention of my son Xander when he was really little and he would bop away to it, so I guess you can say its his fault I like it. Well thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Lastly today, I’ll leave you with a metal track from a band called Killswitch Engage. A group which I don’t normally like. I’m just not into the shouty shouty side of heavy metal at all and never have been, but the song, “Holy Diver” originally by rock legends Dio, is such a great one, even this band can’t fail to make it sound great. There are still some shouting moments, but I can block them out for the quality of the rest of the track. Enjoy and rock out folks, until next week.