Hello and welcome to another Football Friday. This week I will be talking about Arsenal, and a couple of other things.

Is this a club in real turmoil? Is it time for manager Arsene Wenger to walk away before he is sacked? There has been very little in the way of players coming into the club and with main stars Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri about to leave the club, you have to ask yourself how can this club attract “world class” players to The Emirates Stadium now? Are there any big names that would want to come and play with a bunch of very inexperienced youngsters in London, a war torn city? I think it is going to be very difficult for them now to have any sort of success in the very near future and I think the fans’ patience with their messiah Wenger will run out before long. So much for Fabregas’ self proclaimed loyalty. Another Thierry Henry, a big fish in a little pond he will be at Barcelona and the lack of games will soon frustrate him methinks.

Elsewhere, Chelsea look to have secured the services of long time target Romelu Lukaku. This giant of an 18 year old has been likened in stature and style to Didier Drogba and he has certainly been setting the Belgian league on fire. Its thought the deal is worth around £22M and although I still think this is excessive for an 18 year old as I have stated before, the argument for it is the number of years we will hope to get out of him. Time will tell though, but I’m excited about seeing him in action. Lukaku and Sturridge could be an awesome partnership for the future and I hope manager Andre Villas-Boas sees it the same way as I do.

West Ham did not get off to the start they wanted in The Championship, losing 1-0 at home to Cardiff in the first match of the season. They will be feeling well at home though just now – in the relegation zone… Sam Allardyce has a lot of work to get done at Upton Park, but all is not lost yet, better finishing may give them the points they need to get up that table. After all it is only the start of the season. Many many games to go yet.

Tottenham Hotspur’s opening fixture against Everton at the weekend is off due to the riots in London. Although I can understand why the match has been postponed, I don’t necessarily agree with the decision. I’m sure though all options were discussed and in the interests of safety the decision was taken. I would hazard a guess though that there is trouble outside at least one top flight ground this weekend. Nothing would surprise me anymore after seeing what I have seen in the media this week.

So its on with the start of the season proper this weekend. A long year is ahead and its going to be fun, and interesting for all the clubs, especially Arsenal…good luck lads, you’re going to need it.