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Insanity? Criminality? These are words we are hearing everyday in the news at the moment due to the riots in London and that have now spread to other parts of England. As I sit here typing this, it makes me glad to be living in Scotland a long way from all the trouble that you normally expect to see in news reports about Kabul or and 80s Beirut.

I don’t think I have witnessed anything quite so barbaric as the videos that I have been watching and indeed the live scenes where gangs of youths and indeed adults have been causing mayhem, injury and looting anything they can get their grubby little hands on. And for what? is there actually any one reason we can pinpoint? No, exactly there isn’t. It was claimed that it was sparked by the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan, who lets not forget was a drug dealer, running from the police and brandished an ILLEGAL firearm at the police. What do people expect is going to happen? I’d probably shoot him aswell.

Now I’m sorry that his family are having to go through what they are especially following the fallout, but I don’t think that this one event started all this trouble. This has obviously been bubbling under the surface for some time, but this is not the way to go about it. This is the mindset of a minority in this country, that is slowly getting bigger, that says “We don’t give a flying f**k about anything. We just want to do what we want to do and we will because we can get away with it, or have the smallest punishment if we do get caught.”

Therein lies the nub of the matter. For too long these youths and mindless idiots have been given slaps on the wrist. It started with the schools, the cane was banned. Then it was the parents, you can’t smack your child (in England), then the police powers have gradually been eaten away and we reach a stage where these people don’t fear the police or any authority anymore. Once upon a time a policeman could give a youth a clip round the ear and they’d be taken heed of. Now with all the “human rights” bullshit that is spouted at us from Europe authorities have absolutely no power to provide deterrents to unruly people who think they can have a laugh and destroy other people’s lives, in some cases literally.

It is high time we as a country grew back a pair of balls of enourmous proprtions and said enough is enough. Prime Minister David Cameron is of course saying that just now, but what can he actually do to change the situation. Hands are always going to be tied by ridiculous so called human rights laws that prevent any REAL punishment from being handed down. The very fact that the police are not allowed to use water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse these criminals is pathetic. What should have been done is get a whole load of French bobbies over on a Eurostar and see how the looters got on with them. Another good suggestion I read was to arm the police with paint guns with very good ink pellets that were hard to wash out, or off.

As for the punishment of some of these people – because of course we already know that most of them will get away with it – there are many acceptable outcomes to me. National Service, BRING IT BACK! Yes, ok I will admit that I never did it myself, but thankfully I have had the guidance of decent parents who instilled in me a set of values, but for these thugs and thieves, they should be made to serve their country for at least a year. Even deployed to Afghanistan if need be. Perhaps then some of our decent boys could come home. Another solution? Boot Camps. I am in big favour of these. These people do not understand the word “please” and should be forced to obey an authority.

IN the end it all comes down to a British society that has let its standards slip over recent years and we have to strive to get that back into our country and make Britain GREAT again as it once was. I fear that minimal sentences will be handed down to those actually caught and charged with the petty theft they have committed, but for those more serious crimes such as rioting, injury and indeed murder as we have already seen, a lasting impression should be made on them and their supporters in crime. It has to stop now. In addition, the parents of all these children (some as young as 10) and youths under the age of 18 should all be dragged in and charged aswell with 1. child neglect, and 2. being an accessory to riot and loot. Lastly I will add a link that you can look at and hopefully follow. Hopefully this will all calm down very soon.