BOO! Its another Wicked Wednesday and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a good horror flick for you all to read about. I’m getting through them at a rate of knots it seems. Today I’m going to re-visit one of the masters of the horror genre, John Carpenter and his 1982 remake of The Thing.

Yes, its hard to believe it was made way back in 1982. made on a very high $10M budget for its day, but peanuts by today’s standards, The Thing was one of the very first horror movies I saw and I think its still scary today. Starring Kurt Russell as R.J MacReady, a scientist who is part of a group on Antarctica. What they don’t know is that they are being hunted by an alien who has the ability to mimic the form of those that it kills and this will put everyone on edge when strange things begin to happen to the scientists. The problem is, no-one knows who is real and who is not.

I really like the paranoia in this movie. There is nothing more scary in a film that that and coupled with distrust amongst a small group, its a perfect recipe for big scare moments and this movie has them in abundance and the resulting build up to the dramatic conclusion of all the tension is performed very well. The action is great throughout the film and the special effects are very oldskool and still hold up brilliantly today. Animatronics should be used more widely in horror movies of today I think, they seem to stand the test of time much better. CGI technology moves on and films become quickly dated, whereas an actual realistic looking model will look real forever. Just my opinion.

John Carpenter had already had massive hits with Halloween and The Fog and The Thing was no exception and is regarded as somewhat of a modern classic in the horror genre. I have to agree and although perhaps Kurt Russell was a little bit too butch to be a geeky scientist, I think its the only drawback to an otherwise brilliant movie. I’ll let them off with that one as he is damn good in it.

With a prequel movie coming out at the end of the year starring the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it seems this story has not been forgotten about and is a favourite for any horror movie fan. I’m actually looking forward to the new movie. Here is the trailer for the John Carpenter film. Please enjoy and thanks for reading Wicked Wednesday. Tune in again next week.