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That Ones A Classic!

Now I have a pretty eclectic taste in music and enjoy songs from a varying range of musical styles. The majority of my taste is in rock music, but I do have a small passion for some classical music aswell. If it is performed on guitar with drums, then all the better. That said, I can listen to traditional arrangements of the great classics aswell. I have a few favourite pieces and I will share some of them here today.

Firstly, I have to mention Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. It is simply some of the best music that has ever been written and it would have been something to have heard that performed for the very first time. I have heard many versions and I do like Nigel Kennedy’s version. The guy that made classical music popular for the young generation I guess, but two of my favourite versions are by Vanessa Mae, and by rock band At Vance. This sort of music was always destined to be “beefed up” and it definitely suits the great flourishing note progressions.

Next up is a piece of music I think most people will remember from an advert for Old Spice aftershave. I first heard it in the excellent movie Excalibur. The composer of Carmina Burana, from which O Fortuna is a part, was a German called Carl Orff and he wrote it in 1935 and 1936. Relatively modern really. Anyway enjoy this version by the band Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Lastly today, I have to mention Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I like all the quick and sweeping arpeggios, particularly in his violin concertos, but for me, my favourite piece has to be Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. And here it is. Enjoy, and let me know what your favourites are…