Ok, its an origin movie. These are never a good idea are they? The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is exactly what it says, how the hyper intelligent primates become organised and begin the journey to world domination over the human race.

I had seen the trailer some time ago and thought that it really wasn’t my thing. However, having now seen this movie, I was very pleasantly surprised. This is a clever movie, indeed an intelligent one. The plot centres on one ape, Caesar, who is brought home by scientist Will Rodman (James Franco) as a baby after his mother dies. Rodman is working on an experimental drug to reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease from which his own father (John Lithgow) suffers. As Caesar grows, his intelligence rises at an exponential rate with remarkable consequences.

Coming in at an hour and thirty seven minutes, this movie is just the right length but the plot carries the time very well. Its cleverly written and there are some really stand out moments in the movie that make you care about not just the humans, but also the apes, in particular Caesar who has his own problems to deal with integrating into multiple societies.

With a very good cast including Brian Cox, the aforementioned John Lithgow and a standout performance from Andy Serkis as Caesar, they bring much to the characters and I think they were the right choices for the roles and the story is all the better for it. The CGI in the movie is also very well done and the apes are very expressive which in turn gives you feeling towards many of them.

I will now have to go and watch the Mark Wahlberg movie as I cannot remember where the story goes after this movie, but there are a couple of nice references to the original Charlton Heston film and we see how things are meant to continue. I don’t know if this movie will span another reboot of the Planet Of The Apes tale, but I wouldn’t be too disappointed if the same writers and director were involved. They have done a very good job on this movie and I recommend it by giving it a surprisingly good 8/10. Check the trailer…