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Adapted from the graphic novel written in 2006 of the same name, Cowboys & Aliens gives us a different kind of creature feature/alien movie. The setting is something very different from what we are normally used to and for this I was quite excited about the movie when I saw the trailer. It reminded me somewhat of the cult TV show Firefly which was basically a Western in space.

The story is about a man who we find in the middle of nowhere with an injury and a strange device attached to his wrist. He makes his way into a town which is subsequently attacked by other worldly forces who kidnap a number of the townsfolk and it is only the activation of the wrist device that halts the attack. Jake Lonergan, played by Daniel Craig is our eponymous hero who joins forces with the local bad guy Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) to locate the missing people and attempt top destroy the aliens from wiping out the humans.  There are a lot of well known people in this movie such as Clancy Brown, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell so you would expect that this movie would bring much more than it actually does.

I was actually pretty disappointed overall with the final outcome. Yes I know its a strange mix of Sci-fi and Western which I don’t mind, but I did expect a little more in terms of storyline which for me was very thin on the ground. I didn’t find myself empathizing with any characters and hoping they pulled through the tough scrapes they get into. I just didn’t care. This film reminds me of a 1950s B movie.

The special effects are pretty good for what there is, but its nothing that we haven’t seen before and the movie, which has been highly anticipated by many, I feel is not going to do as well as expected in the box office. Director John Favreau, who was at the helm of Ironman which I loved, does a decent enough job with the material he had to work with, but I can’t give this film any higher than a dismal 4/10. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself if you see the movie.