Well a very busy week has just passed. We had a good time with The Strachans on the days that we saw them. What a pain work is when good friends come to visit. Xander and Mark got on great and Xander’s excitement was there for all to see when he had someone to play with.

Work was just as busy with a heavy Monday to Friday week before I can enjoy a long weekend, which I am currently doing. Xander and I went to Asda ourselves today. I think he likes the extra responsibility he gets and he enjoys being a bit in charge of the trolley. Its very cute actually and he behaves very well when its just one of us.

Yesterday, we decided to go to Hazelhead Park and have a really good look around. There were some places there that I never knew existed. Xander loved it and had a great time running around in the rose garden. It certainly tired him out as he went to sleep very quickly at night which is great as it means I get some quality time with Kell, albeit writing this very blog while she watches a movie. One disappointment was the fact that the cafe has been shut down at the park and was all boarded up. Such a shame as it was very reasonable in there and would be a nice little earner for someone over the summer months. The current chap leased it from the council and apparently cannot be bothered to do it anymore.

We took in the Petting Zoo aswell and were “fortunate” enough to be watching the tortoises just as one decided to have a go at mounting the other. I think Xander was confused as to what they were doing, so we said they were just playing and were going to have some lunch. I suppose in essence, that isn’t too far from the truth, lol.

So whats on the menu for this coming week? Well after a bumper week here at Smurfin’ The Web (thanks for that) I will have to pull out the stops in order to keep it going. All I can do is promise the same quality of posting and hope that you read it and leave your comments. I do hope that The Bumbles Blog movie meme is a more interesting subject. Of late there have been a couple of themes that I really haven’t been enthusiastic about and hope that it improves soon. Perhaps they should think about letting other people pick the theme. There are a lot of people who take part from week to week.

So anyway, I will leave you for now and thanks for reading =)