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Its time to revisit one from the past again this week. Following on from the Final Destination series and linking us nicely to this week’s blog, its Candyman, featuring the brilliant horror actor Tony Todd.

This film was released in 1992 and I consider it one of the classic modern day horror movies. It follows the story of Daniel Robitaille who was an ex slave turned painter who had an affair with a client’s daughter. His arm was sawn off, he was covered in honey and stung to death. A legend goes that if you say his name 5 times in a mirror he will appear and cut you in two with his hook. Student Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) is writing a paper on urban legends and decides to give it a go. Can you guess what happens? When her friends start getting bumped off by The Candyman, she is arrested on suspicion of murder and she has to fight to clear her name and prove that it is in fact The Candyman who is responsible.

I like this type of movie. Written by famous horror movie writer Clive Barker (Hellraiser), its one of the classic slasher films of a generation and although almost 20 years old, the effects still hold up today. Tony Todd is marvellous in the lead role and his voice just carries the character off brilliantly, very smooth and calming, yet menacing at the same time. Its something he does in all his movies, but he does it so well, why change a winning formula? I also like the incidental music, its a pretty haunting piano score, much like Halloween. Not quite as good of course, but it has the same sort of effect on you.

I was disappointed with the sequel that was released in 1995, Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh and I have never seen the third installment from 1999 that went straight to video. I tend to find that horror sequels are extremely poor by comparison to the orignal movies. I should watch Candyman again very soon as its been a long time, but I think that the very fact that I can give you a good review with details about a horror movie I haven’t seen for literally years is testament to how good I feel it is, and therefore I give it an excellent 8/10. Enjoy the trailer =)