Today is a very good day. My best mate Boyd, his wife Sla’vka and son Mark are up for a visit. We will be doing our normal shop in the morning and then having lots a catch up time with the Strachans in the afternoon. I tried to swap my day off for Monday so we do something else aswell, but even though I have done my work a million favours recently and in the past, they were “unable to sort it out”. Thanks very fecking much. Anyway, we’ll enjoy the time we have for now. It’ll be great to see them again. Xander is looking forward to it aswell.

Work is plodding along although the money we are STILL waiting for has not arrived yet due to a section of our office still not participating and playing the game of “Lets Get The New Jobs In So That Everyone Can Get Their Money”. I find it a little unfair that we some of us have now been doing the new jobs for 3 weeks now and they are still getting away with finishing early. Gripe over.

So an interesting thing happened yesterday. I drove my postie van into a car park of one of the blocks that I deliver to and what is sitting there, but a Ferrari. I just HAD to park next to it and get a few pics. Check them out. This is the best looking Royal Mail vehicle I ever saw. Can you spot which one is mine?

Nice huh? Yes I thought so too, its definitely the way forward for Royal Mail, although I don’t think we’d get much mail from my mighty job in the “boot”…

So what else, I saw Captain America:The First Avenger the other night and it was pretty good. See my review HERE.
I can’t wait to see The Avengers next May now, and in fact there are going to be a few films out around the same time, The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers, Batman:The Dark Knight Rises. So 2012 looks to be full of some decent superhero movies again, about time.

Its been another good month here at Smurfin’ The Web; over 1000 views for the second month in a row which is great. The blog is also now on Twitter so feel free to follow it @SmurfinTheWeb. So I guess thats pretty much it for now, Back to work tomorrow unfortunately and the start of another long week, seems to be the norm these days. Ah well, gotta pay the bills somehow. Bye for now and thanks for reading