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So today instead of Football Fridays, I have a brand spanking film review for you all to have a look at. Its for the also brand spanking new movie which is out today, Captain America. This highly anticipated movie has been in the works for some time now and was finally released today. I saw it last night.

The film is set in the Second World War and centres around the main character Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans, who is a well below average young man. A classic weakling, he has been refused by the army on four occasions, but just wants to do his part for the war effort. When an opportunity arises that allows him to join up and serve his country, he jumps at the chance and becomes part of an experiment to become a super soldier in an attempt by the US to win the war. unbeknownst to him is that he will face an enemy more ruthless than Hitler himself and will have to stand in the way to save the world from total domination by Red Skull.

This movie serves up a brilliant spread of gourmet actors including the likes of Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones, Neal McDonough and JJ Field. They all play their parts very well and serve up the action brilliantly. The performance of Red Skull by Hugo Weaving is a particular highlight, but this is usually the case with him. A marvellous actor that really suits this kind of role, much like his role of V in V For Vendetta which I rate as his finest to date. The female lead of Peggy Carter, a secret service agent is played by Hayley Atwell and provides plenty to look at for the guys. Shes not a bad actor either… Keira Knightly was considered for the role, phew for common sense.

The special effects were very well done and although I didn’t see the movie in 3D, you can, and its very obvious where the best moments are, even in 2D. Makeup was another good point of the film with the antagonist Red Skull’s facial makeup really good. It is also very clever how they have altered Chris Evans’ body shape at the start of the movie to make him appear weedy and weak.There are some very good action scenes with some nice slow motion shots and the good story along with the righteous character of Steve Rogers, make this very good viewing.

All in all I was pleased with the movie and would put it on a par with one of the other superhero movies, Thor, who of course will team up with Captain America in The Avengers in 2012 alongside Ironman, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury. That is going to be one of the most anticipated movies of next year and I for one can’t wait for it. For now though, I will give Captain America a solid 7/10 as its not quite as good as Ironman but look forward to next year when we get them all together. I would recommend seeing this one to fans of sci-fi, action and superhero movies.

Fans of The Avengers should stay until after the credits for a teaser trailer for next year’s movie 😉 Enjoy this trailer for now though and see the movie.