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Ok, I promise this is the last one…well until I see the next part of this now very tired franchise. The Final Destination (2009) was allegedly going to be the last in the series, hence the word “The” at the start of its title, but alas no, there is to be another sequel out very soon. Anyway back to number four.

The film starts very promisingly with some excellent opening titles featuring animated x-ray views of some of the methods of death from the previous three movies which was very clever. Sadly however, this was the best part of the movie. The concept is exactly the same as the other movies, one guy has a premonition, this time at a stock car racetrack, and saves a bunch of people and they proceed to get bumped off one at a time. Wow! How original! NOT. The big difference with this movie was that it was in 3D, so you get some added special effects. That still doesn’t help the plot though I’m afraid.

There was absolutely no-one I recognised in this movie and generally that is a good thing for a horror movie, but in this case it was as insignificant as the plot itself which just didn’t do anything original, the recipe was exactly the same as for the other movies and with the exception of the first two, just as unexciting.

I would list some actors who appear in this movie, but there really isn’t much point as you won’t have heard of any of them, nor are likely to again. Suffice it to say that they have had their 15 minutes of fame, now please go out and get a real job and contribute something worthwhile to society…

Yes, you got it readers, I am being very scathing here and deservedly so. This movie gets a rotten 2/10 from me and that was just for the titles. Sorry Mr David Ellis (the director of this and the second installment), but your writers really dropped the ball on this one. I will watch the next one just to see if they can improve on this, and I suppose by me doing that, the studios have already suckered me. Hey ho, check out the trailer, but I wouldn’t recommend seeing the whole movie. Look for the titles on Youtube…