So, we heard a couple of days ago that English Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has stated that the league could have goal-line technology in place for next season (2012/13). The question that I ask is this: Why has it taken SO long?!

The answer to that of course is the octogenarians that run a corrupt FIFA and their failure to recognise that the game is more a business now than “the beautiful game” and any other attitude is just outdated and naive. Of course, we would all love the game to be watched and loved for great football, but with players on multi million pound contracts and every decision made a referee sometimes meaning the thin line between a club’s survival or glory, its time to drag the game kicking (excuse the pun) and screaming into the 21st century.

The technology exists of course. We have Hawk-Eye which is already used in tennis, cricket and snooker, but there is also the sensor in the football idea called Cairos GLT. I ask, why does it have to even this technical? The definition of a goal as written in the rules is that is it a goal if the ball completely crosses the line. Personally, I think that this rule alone should be altered to be the base of the ball that has crossed the line because the majority of the ball would therefore have to be over the line. That is by the by though, one of the arguments against using technology in the game is the cost, especially to lower league clubs who simply wouldn’t be able to afford it.

I suggest a cheaper alternative. It doesn’t need to be sensors, or computers. Lets just have a wide angle camera in the crossbar, and one in each post focused on the line. This way, it is easily seen whether the ball is over or not. We as viewers at home can see a TV replay with seconds of an incident happening, so why should it be any different in the stadium? I just think it would slow the game down at all. How many times have we seen a dubious decision and then all the players crowding the referee for 5+ minutes contesting his decision. Surely a replay, or to give it it’s proper name an instant replay would be much quicker and would save a lot of hassle for the referee and in turn enhance the respect campaign?

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the introduction of goal line technology into the game of football?  Personally I think it can only be a positive move, in particular for the huge business clubs that we now see in England and across Europe. Maybe then we won’t see anymore images like this that were not given as goals… or even this…