Continuing my reviews of the Final Destination film series, we are now up to Final Destination 3 (2006) which was the long awaited sequel to Final Destination 2. Can you detect my tone of sarcasm yet?

Determined to brave the plotline, I watched with bated breath as the main characters were again the centre of a premonition, this time by Wendy, played by the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead who sees the rollercoaster they are about to get on crash with the loss of all on board to horrible and gruesome gory deaths. The movie also stars Ryan Merriman as Kevin who tries, along with Wendy to work out Death’s plan this time around. The other notable on-screen is Kris Lemsche who takes on the mind-taxing role of Ian McKinley, a goth who works in a DIY store in his spare time. These surroundings will provide a particularly nasty death scene involving a power tool…

The deaths are once again effective and although pretty gory, perhaps more so than the previous two movies, they are just as quick and don’t have you running for the toilet to throw your pizza up in a convulsion of disgust. What I do like about these movies is the continual signs and clues you get to what is about to happen and then there is nothing you can do about it. You do find yourself spotting them and saying them out loud in a vain attempt to warn the characters in the movie to no avail. A good horror should do that, but this was just far too predictable unfortunately and its a nothing movie really, just an excuse to make some cash on a successful franchise’s name which it did.

Its nowhere near as good as its two predecessors and I would say its the worst one so far, although Miss Winstead has done pretty well out of it, yes she is Ramona from Scott Pilgrim vs The World, mmmmmmmm. There is a nice voice part for Tony Todd this time round although he doesn’t appear in the movie on-screen. I give this one a poor 5/10 and hope that the next in the series is better…here is the trailer for Final Destination 3: