Well thats the first week of the new jobs at work over with. It hasn’t been as bad as expected really although some minor tweaks have been made to help out during the week. This week will hopefully flow a little easier and we shall see how many packets I can actually deliver extra this week.

Thats work out of the way, well almost, I was in today to get a few hours overtime while my son Xander went to play with one of his buddies in town, I just hope he doesn’t come back raging drunk and loud, lol.

The big question is this: what are we going to watch on the television box tonight? We have a few movies still to watch from a small while back and I shall have to check, but I think it’ll be some of the final season of The West Wing which is reaching is climax. Its just a show that I love and we have been working our way through it when we don’t feel like a movie. After that, hopefully by the end of September all our regular shows will be back.

I have now set up a Twitter account for this blog. Smurfin’ The Web has tweeted its first tweet and hopefully I shall pick up some followers, but I reckon thats going to take some time, but no rush. I have my regular readers on Facebook and thats great, and much appreciated. At the moment while I’m writing this, tea is cooking, Kell is on the phone and Xander is watching Button Moon, ah the memories of that programme. So anyway, time to head off for this week and I’ll get the Monday movie meme up if the subject is a little better this week, I didn’t fancy the subject matter last week as I couldn’t actually think of any movies that featured heatwaves. Ciao!