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The next few weeks will follow a series of movies, one of which I have already reviewed on Smurfin’ The Web. Today brings you Final Destination 2 from 2003. For my review of the original 2000 movie, see here.

The second installment sees similar scenarios with a groups of people brought together by one young woman’s premonition about a huge pileup on a highway. The group that is saved by the premonition starts to get killed off one by one, just as in the first movie, and so Kimberly Corman (AJ Cook) goes looking for the only survivor of the original movie, Clear Rivers, played by Ali Larter.

Ok, lets be straight forward about this. Its basically the same as the first movie, but I would say that the means of death and how everything around conspires together to kill is pretty clever and more intricate this time around. There are some neat little tie ins with the first film aswell. The death scenes are pretty gruesome, but very quick so its not so stomach churning like the new wave of torture type horror films that are coming out these days.

The special effects are good and there is the right amount of tension to make it reasonably “scary”, but lets face it, its a quick buck making film, its not supposed to win any awards is it? There are a few actors in this that I recognise from more recent programs and films so this series of films has definitely been a springboard for a lot of careers. Horror films seem to do that. I actually found this 90 minutes more entertaining than a Scottish Premier League match and would give it a decent 6.5/10. I wonder what the next installment will bring. Wanna see it? have a look at the trailer and decide for yourself…