Well that week passed pretty quickly I thought. The following week is going to be a much busier one for me. Today though I am having a relaxing day in the park with my family and some friends. The boys can play in the park and have some well needed run around time.

Xander hasn’t been able to get out much this week with my wife having a nasty eye infection and now that the sun is shining down upon us, we are taking this chance to have a game of footie in Duthie Park. I Might even get an ice-cream if I’m good.

So what else is there to report today? Well, I saw the outcome of the boxing result. David Haye lost on points and now hes blaming his poor performance on a broken toe. Yea, yea David, pull the other one. Just be a man and admit that Klitschko was just a better boxer than you and all your pre fight antics were completely unnecessary and downright unprofessional. Hey ho though, he got his just desserts.

I’m working my day off on Tuesday this week, easy day so its easy money really, but this will be the last week that my job will be in its current form. Two men in a van comes in a week on Monday and I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m going to do some overtime on Sunday next week aswell and get my frames ready for the big day on the 11th July. Should be interesting to say the least. Big changes at Royal Mail and not many of the older guys are very welcoming of it, they still think its 1975 and you only carried one bag of mail. Time to move on gentlemen…time please!

So I’m writing this while Kell makes a nice picnic lunch for us all to eat in the park. I’m off now to enjoy the sunshine and top up my tan thats going very well this year so far. Remember Movie Monday Meme tomorrow. Cyas!