Last week saw the arrest of a father and son on suspicion of murder after stabbing a burglar who had broken into their home. In fact it was four masked men who broke in while the family who was sleeping. The fact that only one of them was stabbed to death was a shame. Three of the men attempted to carry their fallen comrade to safety, but dumped him after just 50 yards to get away themselves. Honour among thieves huh?

This week, the Conservative Government is claiming that a new Act of Parliament will clarify the situation regarding the use of force and defending your property. Finally Kenneth Clarke actually speaks some sense. He says, “We will make it quite clear you can hit a burglar with a poker if he’s in your house and you have a perfect defence when you do so. If an old lady finds she’s got an 18-year-old burgling her house and she picks up a kitchen knife and sticks it in him, she has not committed a criminal offence, and we will make that clear.”

I say this – its about bloody time! For far too many years the person who is the victim is made out to be the criminal for defending what is theirs and I know for a fact that if someone were to break in to my house while I was still there, I’m damn sure I would use any force necessary to protect my family and my property. Why should the crook get the easy way.

Farmer Tony Martin shot a burglar a few years ago now and was put in prison for it. He stood by his principles though and good on him, I respect that. Of course, these are just two highlighted cases in the media, I wonder how many of these situations arise every day and we never get to hear anything about them, but I’ll wager its the law abiding citizen that gets crapped on by the law every time. I say no more, and apparently, so do the Tories. What do you all think? Would you defend your property with the use of force and be willing to kill if necessary to protect your family?