After the release of its sequel last year (which I haven’t got around to seeing yet), I have been meaning to watch this movie once more. It is a movie which its certainly indicative of its time. Sets in 1985, it follows the exploits of Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), a young stockbroker who wants to make it big but in the easiest possible way. The best route he feels he can possibly take is to get onside with an investor named Gordon Gekko who is played the brilliant Michael Douglas who won an Oscar for his performance in this movie, and will even break the law to get what he wants by using insider information to trade on the stock exchange.

Its an Oliver Stone film. This in itself carries a huge amount of pulling power and you will expect a really good movie. He also uses another actor that starred in Platoon just a year earlier, John C. McGinley as Fox’s broker pal Marvin. Even back then you can see Doc Cox from Scrubs trying to peek through in the charcater. The rest of the supporting cast is just as high in quality. Martin Sheen plays Bud’s on screen father Carl, Hal Holbrook is another of Bud’s colleagues and Daryl Hannah makes a decent performance as Darien. James Spader is also present, as are Terence Stamp and Sean Young.

I like this movie although I wouldn’t say its one of Stone’s finest works. The subject matter is very much of its time and looking back on it the props date the movie, for example the HUGE mobile phone that appears a number of times. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t think you can call it a timeless classic. The performances on the other hand are superb and Douglas is worthy of the Oscar he won for the leading role of Gekko. I would put this film in the same category as the likes of The Firm (Tom Cruise) in its eventual intensity and the climax of the movie is worth waiting for although slow to get going.

I am looking forward to now watching the sequel (Money Never Sleeps) fort the first time and hope that it is as good. I give it a very solid 7.5/10 and would say that its a film that you should see in your lifetime. Its well known enough and even if you don’t go for hyped films of the past, this one should take a visit to your DVD player. Enjoy the trailer.