Its been a very busy day today so far. Unfortunately my wife has a nasty eye infection and presently resembles Rocky Balboa at the end of the first movie after being defeated by Apollo Creed. So shes getting called “Adrian!” for the rest of the day. Xander was a star today at ASDA. It was the first time that myself and him had gone to do the shopping on our own. We dropped Kell off at the hospital to get her eye looked at.

So round the supermarket we went with him holding onto the trolley like a true pro. The main problem was that I couldn’t find anything because once again ASDA have changed everything round and nothing is where it should be. The butter, for example was not opposite the cheese which would be a sensible place for it to be. The toiletries section has all be swapped about and Xander thought this was funny, going around saying “they’ve moved it!” Funny lad.

Due to “the wife’s” infected eye, gaaaaadds! Lots of housework to be done today by myself. The majority has now been done and I’m currently writing this watching the European Grand Prix while Kell and Xander are BOTH sleeping! Some folks have an easy life… this race is extremely boring though, not a retirement yet although I’m sure there will be by the time I’ve finished writing this.

We had a lovely visit to my mum and dad’s yesterday which Xander has been excited about all week. He does like going up to see them and Ellie the Dog. I think he likes it because his granddad gives him cheeky extra chocolate fingers, naughty granddad.

So what else is on the menu today? Ah yes, Spaghetti Bolognese for tea. Gotta love that. I do have a movie review to write straight after this so I’ll not bore you all with anymore of this rubbish. I’ll end on the sad news of Peter Falk‘s passing at the end of the week. The man was a true acting legend and will always be best known for his role as Detective Columbo.

Peter Falk September 16, 1927 – June 23, 2011

I have a new movie review to write now, so I will sign off as I’m sure you’ve heard enough of this rubbish by now. Another day off tomorrow, so I hope it can be a nice relaxing one. BYe for now =)