Welcome once again to Cinema Saturday. Last week I did some film previews of upcoming movies. Today I am going to step a few years into the past and give you a review of one of my favourite films, Equilibrium.

Christian Bale stars as Preston, the best of an elite force known as The Grammaton Cleric which, in the years after yet another World War, enforce the law and ensure that feelings are banned. This fascist society forces its citizens to inject a drug that blocks emotions. There are those who resist and run an underground movement to overthrow the regime and get back the free society that once was. All art, music, books and any entertainment devices are all banned. Of course no-one can resist the urge to feel forever…

The film is directed by Kurt Wimmer who also wrote the movie, along with Ultraviolet and more recently, Salt. Unfortunately it was a huge flop at the box office, but as we have seen with many movies, a flop at the cinemas isn’t necessarily a flop everywhere. The movie has a huge cult following and I can see why. While there are a few things that seem a little unrealistic on first viewing, remember that it is a science fiction movie and in those, anything can happen. The film also stars Taye Diggs as Preston’s partner Brandt, Sean Bean makes an appearance and of course the marvellous Sean Pertwee who does have a role in the film, but who can lend his voice to anything on television these days. Many critics of the film accuse the film of looking too much like The Matrix. They wouldn’t be too wrong, but I prefer Equilibrium overall as a story. I just think it gets bad press.

There are some really great action scenes in the movie and they are based around something called Gun Kata which is a fictional martial art which basically states that given the positions of the participants in a gun battle, bullet trajectories can be statistically determined. This leads to some really good fight and action scenes in the movie and they really enhanced my enjoyment of the movie.

It is a shame that this movie wasn’t a big hit and I try and get people to watch this at least once to see what they are missing. Its very underrated as a movie and another good reason why I am reviewing it here. There are some good actors, a good story and good action. What more do you need from a 107 minutes. Its a great movie, it was just a shame it was marketed so badly before and upon its release. I would say that it would do much better if it was re-released. I give this movie 9/10 and highly recommend it to action or science fiction fans alike. Heres the trailer: