Its the end of the week and time to look at some recent and upcoming releases at the cinema. The latest superhero movie is The Green Lantern. I think even the women who don’t like superheroes may like this one as Ryan Reynolds (the world’s sexiest man apparently) stars as Hal Jordan, a test pilot who is given a magic ring that grants him amazing powers to help a group of other like himself protect the universe.
I quite like the look of this film that opened just yesterday here in the UK and sources tell me its around the same sort of mark as Thor, maybe not as good, but almost. I haven’t caught this one yet, but I’ll check it out soon for sure. Personally I think it looks better from this clip. Heres the trailer:

Coming soon is the last Harry Potter film. Hooray! Its the end of the journey for Harry Potter and Friends as they battle once more the evil forces of Lord Voldemorte and see who will win the one of the most successful book and film franchises in history. The fact that the final book was split into two movies told of pure greed to me and was completely unnecessary, but this is Hollywood remember, why not squeeze all the extra cash out of it when you know you’re going to get it.
I’ll watch it just to find out what happens in the end and the first part did set the final battle up quite well. The big question is this; what is Ron Weasley actor Rupert Grint going to do after this. Could be the convention circuit for him methinks. Deathly Hallows Part 2 opens in the UK on 15th July… on with the final trailer:

Another reasonably successful franchise is the Transformer series and Dark Of The Moon looks like it could be an improvement on Transformers 2. The story continues and it seems as if the 1969 Moon Landings were a cover for a secret mission elsewhere on the Moon. All will become clear as the Autobots and Decepticons begin a race to discover the secrets a mysterious craft holds.
As I said, the last movie was disappointing and from the trailer its hard to see where the plot is going to have any room to move in this special FX fest. The film is in 3D and that may give some sort of other entertainment value. A lot seems to be promised here, but I have the feeling its not going to deliver when it is released here on the 29th June. See what you think…

Last today I’m going to hit one up for the kids. Well, perhaps the big kids like me. Cars 2 opens on the 22nd July and as a lover of the original movie I have to say that this one looks just as good. I was initially sceptical when I heard about the plot, but Larry The Cable Guy returns along with the rest of the cast (save for Paul Newman of course) and the movie promises to be a big hit.
Michael Caine adds a little bit of James Bond-esque sophistication and I know my son is going to love this movie. He loves the first film and cars in general so hes going to be pointing them all out all the way through the film. Thats ok though as I’ll probably be thinking the same thing. The prospect of more European cars here is something to look forward to. Enjoy the trailer…