Friday again already? Jeez where does the time go. Well what news have we got today then? Quite a lot going on; Alex McLeish leaving Birmingham for arch rivals Aston Villa, the new season fixtures released and Chelsea STILL without a manager.

Today saw Alex McLeish become Aston Villa’s new manager only a few days after resigning from rivals Birmingham. There is obviously going to be a lot of fall out over this, just as there was when Harry Redknapp left Portsmouth for Southampton and back again. The Birmingham rival clubs will probably fight this one behind the scenes for a while with the Blues saying they will be seeking substantial compensation.
Villa have been without a full time manager since Houllier retired due to medical reasons, and its their 3rd manager in 9 months. The question is, can McLeish bring any sort of success to Aston Villa? With very limited resources and a huge backlash from the fans, he certainly has his work cut out. In addition to that, he will undoubtedly be losing players like Ashley Young and Stewart Downing to bigger clubs. Its just a shame Birmingham won’t be in the Premier League, those fixtures would have been interesting. Guaranteed they’ll meet in the cups though, fate twists like that usually.

What’s next? Ah yes, the fixture list. The new season’s fixtures were released today and we have some interesting ties. A hard start for Premier League new boys Swansea as they head to MIddle Eastlands to face Manchester City. Man Utd on the other hand have an easy start and should take all 3 points from West Brom although I hope they don’t. For me, a trip for Chelsea to Stoke is a tricky start. Stoke were pretty hard to play against last season for a lot of clubs and there is a potential banana skin here for the club who are YET to appoint a new manager…

Blackburn v Wolves
Fulham v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Sunderland
Manchester City v Swansea
Newcastle v Arsenal
QPR v Bolton
Stoke v Chelsea
Tottenham v Everton
West Brom v Manchester United
Wigan v Norwich

Which brings me nicely to this. Its seeming as if Guus Hiddink is going to be the next manager, but with nothing confirmed either from the Turkish FA or Chelsea, the day to day goings on at the club must be a little uncertain at least. Players don’t know if they are being sold, or loaned, and who is coming into the club? All this time lost with no manager is also time lost out on new players and we could see ourselves losing out on good talent because of a seeming lack of stability and organisation at the club.

Its high time something was decided once and for all and lets get on with pre-season. The latest Chelsea rumours are that Genk winger Kevin de Bruyne and striker Romelu Lukaku. The deal is very involved and would mean that in order to land highly rated Lukaku, de Bruyne has to move to Anderlecht on loan. No financial details are available, but I would think there’ll be a few million kicking around. The rumour mill is also rife with Modric news. We have reportedly had a bid of £22M turned down by Tottenham which Harry Redknapp stated to be “laughable”. Other clubs interested in the player are Man Utd and their rivals City.

So this coming week is going to be jam packed with news and hopefully a new manager for Chelsea, news of which I am sure to replrt next Friday in this blog. Do you have any transfer rumours you hear of major importance? leave them in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and reading.