BOO! Haha, got you all. Ok, maybe not, but the effort was there. Its time for the weekly dose of horror and today I shall go back a few years and give you a review of Final Destination. The movie that has spawned 4 sequels with the last one about to be released. Today though I’m going to concentrate on the original from 2000.

I haven’t seen this movie for some time, but might just have a look at it again very soon. The cast was a bunch of relative unknowns which is always a good recipe for a good horror I think and its a tactic that a lot of horror makers use, look at Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween as an example, no-one had seen her before either. Some have gone on to do bigger and better things like Ali Larter who plays Clear Rivers. She of course went on to star in the TV show Heroes and also the Resident Evil movies.

The plot revolves around the main character Alex Browing (Devon Sawa) who experiences a premonition whilst waiting for his school class flight to take off. The vision he has comes to pass minutes later, but only after himself and a few who think he may be telling the truth get off the plane amidst mad hysteria. what happens after that is how Death chases down the survivors and bumps them off one by one because “death doesn’t take no for an answer” as the tagline states.

I liked this movie and there are a few shock moments in it that you can see coming, but they still give you a shock when they happen moments later. I actually didn’t watch a horror film for quite some time after this one because it was so effective. This type of movie is much better than the classic slasher film because it builds up the suspense much better as the scary part rather than the blood and guts which I think filmmakers have finally realised in Hollywood. There are still a few directors that think the best way to scare people is by showing more and more extreme violence in movies; The Human Centipede would be a perfect example of that. I haven’t seen it myself, but there is enough controversy in the media to know what its all about.

This film was pretty original and the plot was a good one and even though the actors weren’t that experienced, they pulled it off very well. The appearance of legendary horror actor Tony Todd makes the film all the sweeter. His character Bludworth also appears in the second film and is due to be reprised in the latest movie for a third time. Director James Wong had some good experience producing quite a few episodes of The X Files and I think he transferred the thriller aspect of that to Final Destination very well, and I give this movie a very decent 7/10. As I said, it has gone on to have good success with its sequels and Final Destination 5 is released on the 26th of August in the UK. For now I’ll leave you with the trailer for the original movie. Enjoy it, I will.