So its another week and yet another controversy connected with The X Factor show. The latest accusation is with the group The Mend who are managed by former Take That boss Nigel Martin-Smith has been put through into the latter stages of the contest due to Gary Barlow’s ties with his former manager.

Barlow is one of the judges on the talent show this time around and he said after putting the group through “Get ready because your lives are about to change forever.” The question is, what exactly does he mean by this comment. Is he just being concerned about possible new fame for the group or does he mean that its already been decided and this fame is now inevitable.

Personally, I am sick of this show and also programmes like Britain’s Got Talent. Year after year this garbage gets pumped out of our televisions and every year there are complaints about “fixing” and we get the producers denying everything and then when it comes down to the crunch, the people involved are either the winners or the conveniently placed runner-up as was the case with young Ronan on Britain’s Got Talent where claims were made that he had been groomed for the show, a claim which was later said to be a hoax, but the publicity was received anyway…

So we are back to square one, its someone’s word against someone else’s. I just wish they would stop shovelling this crap down our throats and manufacturing pap year after year. What on Earth happened to artists actually trying hard to make it in the music business and getting there on merit rather than getting a hand out by being on a TV show whether you win or not. It seems that the runners-up do better anyway. Joe McWho?