How time flies, its TV Tuesday alread, I forgot Music Monday yesterday so I’ll do that later on, but I’ll crack on with today’s topic, Game Of Thrones.

This show from HBO seems to be everyone’s favourite TV viewing at the moment. As a viewer of the show myself, I can see why. Th cast is phenomenal and there are simply too many names to mention, but the main stars are Sean Bean as Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, also starring is the lovely Lena Headey as the main antagonist Queen Cersei Lannister who is a character much in the mould of Lady Macbeth. The cast after these two is just as impressive albeit not quite as well known, but we do recognise some people on screen.

HBO seem to have a great knack of picking novels or a series of novels and making them massive television hits. Band Of Brothers and True Blood are other examples. Its nice that they are an American TV network that is wiling to give shows a chance and also the financial backing they need to be succesful. The show revolves around a fictional land that is ruled from the main city King’s Landing. There are 7 realms in all. The story itself is an adaptation from a series of books written by George R R Martin called A Song Of Ice And Fire.

This show has been critically acclaimed and the fan base has already become somewhat of a cult. It is approaching the end of its first season, but has already had a second season greenlit which is great news for fans. This is one of my favourite shows just now and with the off season break for all my other favourites until September, this has been a fantastic filler for the summer. Once this finishes its time for True Blood which I am not a huge fan of owing to the Vampire element to the show (I find vampires boring), but my wife is hugely anticipating the new season, so at least one of us will be happy. Anyway, check out the trailer for Game Of Thrones and perhaps you’ll give it a shot sometime.