Well its Monday again folks and its time for the Monday Movie Meme hosted over at The Bumbles Blog. An interesting subject today as we discuss films that have Confusing Plots. A few here that would qualify I think.

I’ll start with the same one my wife did actually, Vanilla Sky. Now this one really had me going “eh?” pretty much all the way through it. That said, the performances from Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz were good enough to keep me watching and I wanted to find out if it would be all unravelled as the story was really intriguing me.
I think everyone should se this film though, its one of those “Ah of course! moment” films and I am going to watch it again very soon and do a full review.

Next in my list would be 12 Monkeys. Again one of my favourite actors, Bruce Willis and also Brad Pitt just when he was hitting the big time. I have to admit that I was a lot younger when I saw this, it is 1995 after all, and I had no clue what it was all about at the time. I haven’t watched it since and perhaps I might be better informed these days but I’ll keep it in the list for now.

Lastly today I will mention Pulp Fiction. So much going on in this film and I saw it in the cinema when it was released. That was a film I came out of thinking “what the hell was all that about then?”. I still don’t like it to this day and find it extremely overrated.
There are some good performances, but I just didn’t get it. Was there actually a plot as such, or was it just a load of stories jumbled together? In any case, I stick it in the same category as Sin City (theres another one); well made, but enjoyable? I don’t think so. I like films to make sense, these two did neither for me.

I do find it very interesting that Bruce Willis appears in three of my four choices, perhaps he is drawn to the confusing film plot aswell, any I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today. Please leave your comments and thanks for stopping by for a read, remember to link back to The Bumbles Blog with your own choices. Bye for now.