Don’t you just love children? Xander is currently being a typical 2 year old and wanting everything that I am doing. Hes being a wingy boy and hopefully it will stop soon. Anyway…

Its the Canadian Grand Prix today and once I have dropped my wife and child off at the park, I’m coming back home to watch it. I do like street circuits, I find them much more exciting and the possibilities for more crashes are greatly increased du to the narrowness of the track. Is that sick? I don’t know, possibly. We need a different winner today though, I’m getting tired of Vettel now, the novelty has worn off.

I am going to start finalising the plan for the living room while the F1 is on. We are finally ditching the huge bookcase that has plagued our living room for a number of years. Its the wrong colour and is just the wrong size to put on other walls. Thanks to Gumtree though, we have managed to sell it and that money is going towards a new one that matches the rest of our furniture and fits in the space we have earmarked for it.

The funny thing was that when emptying the old one I found a ceramic plate that Xander had made when he was 16 months and it has a hand print on it. My word how his hands have grown since then, quite scary how fast the time passes and you realise that they are getting so big. Xander thought it was funny though seeing the little hand.

So today I’m going to try and relax for the afternoon, watch the cars, have some nice treats and enjoy my day off because I fear that next week at work is going to be pretty crap. I’m still catching up on movies so there’ll be more through the week for me to review and I know people are wanting to read my review of Green Lantern, but I don’t have it yet, but it’ll be up here as soon as I have seen it.

Right, gonna go and relax, have a good Sunday everyone, thanks for reading this week and look out for the Monday Meme Blog tomorrow, I don’t know the subject yet, but it’ll be good I’m sure of that. Cyas.