I know, you’re getting sick of Roman type movies. This is the last I promise. I saw it mentioned in another blog in passing earlier in the week and thought I would take a look.

The movie stars Colin Firth as Aurelius, a Roman general who emabarks on a mission to rescue a young boy who just happens to be the Roman Emperor who is captured by the Goths and taken to Britannia. There are many big names in this film. Oscar winner Ben Kingsley appears as Ambrosinus, something of an advisor and teacher to the young Romulus Augustus.

The story is pretty enjoyable and it links up with another story which is somewhat of a myth, but I can’t give that away, although it does become apparent quite quickly where that side of the movie is heading, but that doesn;t detract from the enjoyment of the movie itself and in fact if you are a fan of that myth, then it should make the film a little better than the critics made it out to be.

It was a big flop which is a shame because I actually quite liked it. This is not a usual role for Colin Firth. He manages to carry off the action hero quite well although he keeps his upper class English accent because all Romans spoke just like that. The Goths were depicted in this movie as Scots and I thought that was a good move as its showed a clear divide between the good guys and the bad guys. The young lad that plays Romulus (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) puts in a very good performance aswell.

I would give this movie a 6/10 and say that its worth a watch if you have nothing better to do one night,but don’t go out of your way to get it. Its one of those films that you can let wash over you, but the story is entertaining in any case. Heres the trailer, see what you think: