I’ve been meaning to get round to this one for a while now and tonight I finally saw it. I like nothing better than a good mystery and this one was quite involved and there a few red herrings, but I’ll let you discover them for yourselves.

Starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger, the story centres around Dr. Martin Harris, a scientist who is attending a conference in Berlin. Arriving with his wife, he realises he has left his briefcase at the airport and heads back in a taxi to retrieve it without his wife as company. The taxi he travels in is involved in a traffic accident and Dr. Harris (Liam Neeson) spends 4 days in a coma. When he eventually regains consciousness, he finds himself with very sketchy details of what happened and why no-one has come looking for him. This leads him to track down his wife who has no knowledge of who he is or what he is doing there which is indeed very confusing for Dr. Harris. He will have to retrace his steps in order to discover the truth about his identity and what has happened to him with the help of the taxi driver that saved his life, Gina (Diane Kruger).

I quite liked this. Certainly better than some of the movies I have seen recently. The plot is intriguing and does keep you guessing. Its a good mystery and the stunts and effects are well done. A good fight scene tops it off towards the end of the movie and you finish the film having enjoyed a good story feeling that nothing was missed. Nice and simple.

The film also has some good casting for the bit parts including Aiden Quinn and Frank Langella who add to the movie’s kudos and making most of its £30M budget back in its first weekend, it is considered a reasonable success having tripled that since February. I would give this movie a very decent 6.5/10 and recommend it to fans of films like Vanilla Sky and Inception. Heres the trailer: