Seems like I’m on a bit of a Paul Bettany fest at the moment doesn’t it? Last night’s viewing was his latest effort, Priest. This is based on a graphic novel by Korean artist Min-Woo Hyung and I have to say it was pretty much what I was expecting it to be.

The story revolves around the Priests and the Vampires. The take on vampires is quite an interesting one; you can forget The Lost Boys here, they have no eyes for starters and the whole stake through the heart thing is never even mentioned. The light still plays a part though. Anyway, the intro which is animated and probably the best bit in the film tells the background story about how the Priests wiped out the Vampires on the instructions of the clergy and then once their job was done, were reintegrated into society to live “normal” lives. The clergy, believing the vampires extinct became complacent and wouldn’t believe that they had risen up again.

When a lawman’s girlfriend is kidnapped by the vampires, he goes to the city to ask for Priest’s help. He goes to the clergy to ask that his powers be reinstated and is refused so he defies the Church and heads out with the lawman as a fugitive. The Priest also has dreams about another Priest played by Karl Urban and he will play a part in the movie.

Like I said, the intro telling the back story was actually the best part of the film, but the rest was on the whole alright. It was just what I was expecting and it didn’t do anything that was groundbreaking in any way, but I would put it in the same sort of category as From Dusk Till Dawn but without the funny bits in it. The director Scott Stewart who also directed Legion so the style of the film is pretty similar as is the overall outcome.

The story is slightly better in this and a better cast gives this a better mark than Legion. I think that a comic book completest will want to see this, but for your general movie watcher, its not a big deal and nothing to get very excited about. A guest performance from acting legend Christopher Plummer is a nice bonus though. I give it a 5/10 and hope that Mr Bettany’s next choice of movie is a little better than the last couple he has done. Enjoy the trailer anyway: