Well they say that Sundays are supposed to be the “day of rest”. Not for me. My Sunday mornings usually start with an early alarm call from my 2 year old son. My wife and I take it in turns on a Sunday to get up with Xander. Today I got a well deserved lie in and it was great, I do love my sleep in the morning. Being a postie, I don’t get to sleep long most mornings so when I get them I make the most of it.

Sunday morning is also the weekly run to Asda for the groceries. This is something that Xander likes to do a lot because he gets a new car every week. He currently has around a 100 of them already and he knows them all aswell. It never ceases to amaze me the capacity of a toddler’s brain. Anyway, back to Asda. We go round the aisles and he points out all the nice things to eat (that of course we all shouldn’t eat) and hes even sneaked a few things in the trolley himself without us seeing.

Once Asda is done, we get home and while Kell unpacks the yummies, Xander and I do the tidying elsewhere in the house and that includes the hoover. He likes the hoover now. Never used to, its funny how their opinions change as their personalities mature. By the time all this is finished, its lunchtime and today we settled down to some chicken rolls and crisps. Lovely.

Xander has his friend round today. Sonny is a great lad and they really enjoy playing together. They were instructing each other how to play football today, but the house is now a total tip again. The kids like to help tidy up, but they love to wreck the joint aswell. Roll on bed time though and the time of the day when I get to relax with Kell. I think it’ll be a movie tonight, I have Priest on my hard drive waiting to be watched and I’m sure a review will follow tomorrow. So what was that I was saying about easy Sunday mornings? Nah, not in this household I’m afraid. I still wouldn’t change it though.