Good morning movie fans! This is the first blog in this section although I have done other movie reviews, they will now be on a weekly basis and the number of reviews will depend on how many movies I have seen during the week, so you might just get more than one.

Only one this week and its the apocalyptic fantasy/thriller film, Legion (2009).

God has lost all his faith in mankind and order Archangel Gabriel and Michael to bring about the end of the human race. Michael defies the order and is cast from Heaven to Earth where he takes the side of the humans in order to protect the unborn child that is the future savior of humanity.

With the marvellous Paul Bettany in the leading role of Michael, I thought this would be a pretty decent movie, but alas I was to be disappointed. The film also stars movie legend Dennis Quaid, Charles S Dutton and Kevin Durand, but I’m afraid that even those three big names could save the story. Surrounded on all sides by God’s army, the diner in Paradise Falls where Michael ends up meeting this small band of survivors including Charlie, played by Adrianne Palicki who is heavily pregnant with the Second Coming. In order to survive, the group must be strong and face up to the tests that Gabriel‘s angel army is going to give them, who can pass the tests?

Now, I have seen a few films in this style. The Prophecy movies were similar, but I equate Legion to the likes of Tremors and Maximum Overdrive in style; a small band of people stuck in a lone truck stop or diner in the middle of nowhere surrounded by Evil everywhere else (although in this case its the Good that has them pinned down). I mean it started off okay with Bettany playing the hard man quite well, but I really think this movie was well beneath his talents. He has done so many great movies and this kind of spoils the resume a little.

With a highly predictable storyline and the fact that the movie takes itself a bit too seriously, this 100 minutes of viewing isn’t really worth it. Its got good actors, reasonably good effects, but on the whole its just not very good when it comes down to it. So I have to be pretty sever here and give it a paltry 4/10. If you want to watch this kind of movie, then watch Maximum Overdrive; at least that has an AC/DC soundtrack to get you through it. Here is the trailer for Legion anyway but trust me when I say the best bits of the film are in it.