Welcome to Think About…Thursdays. This will be a weekly discussion where I will get my soap-box out and generally just have a rant about a certain news item that I have seen. This week saw the news that a pricing error in Tesco meant that a deal offering 3 cases of beer or cider was going through the tills at a substantially lower price than was advertised. The final price was something like 31p a bottle or 24p a can.

This news was throughout areas of Glasgow, where the errors occurred, like wildfire with people texting and posting messages on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Soon, there were chaos scenes at the Tesco stores with people scrambling to get themselves a bargain. Even reports of some fights in the car park.

Now my beef is this: is it so important to some people, particularly in Scotland it seems to get alcohol at such a low price just so as they can get absolutely dead drunk for next to nothing? I mean I like a drink, but I don’t think it is that important and I certainly wouldn’t be grabbing my keys and heading out for a few cases just because of an error like this. Are these people that desperate for a drink?

It just leaves me wondering what sort of society we have become that relies on alcohol so much just to get through the day? I actually don’t drink out in town anymore owing to the fact that people can’t just go for a quiet drink. They go out with the sole intent on getting completely plastered and I have never understood this concept.Also, you never know whats going to be around the corner, it be a complete idiot who, if you look at them the wrong way, they might mug you, attack you in some way, or who knows what else.

Surely there has to be a better way to live than just working for beer tokens and then pissing it all up against a wall at the end of the week. What do people have to show for that other than stomach ulcers, probably a criminal record of some kind and a heap of embarrassment into the bargain. Bringing me back to Tesco, yes so they had a deal going and they made a blunder, but it begs the question, if the Scottish Government is so hell-bent on trying to make this country a healthier place to be, why do they still allow supermarkets to cash in on these cheap booze deals that in the end will cause nothing but trouble for the majority of people. I’d like to hear any of your thoughts on the subject.

I’ll leave you with this picture of a customer who cashed in on the error deal. This was one of his three beer runs. I have to pity the man really, although it is something to think about…