Heres the first of my themed movie posts. Wicked Wednesdays, where I will bring you a review of a horror or chiller film that I have seen in my lifetime, and I’ve seen a few believe me. This category will include the old slasher movies and every Wednesday I shall give you my thoughts on any particular horror film, but if you have one you like, why not let me know.

I have to be honest here and state that this genre of movie isn’t my favourite. I much prefer a good thriller or science fiction fest, but there is a place in most movie fans’ hearts for a good horror flick now and again, and I am no exception. As this is my first blog in this section, I shall kick off with something very recent. Enjoy.

Scream 4 saw the return of a much-loved franchise that re-invented the Hollywood slasher movie. Ghostface is back..again. The orignal trilogy was enjoyable and in places very tongue in cheek with its cross of violence and humour that Wes Craven has brought to the series. A host of stars are in this one including Neve Campbell back in the main role as Sidney Prescott, Courtney Cox as reporter turned writer Gale Weathers and this re-incarnation saw Heroes star Hayden Panettiere cast in the role of Kirby Reed, the best friend of Sidney’s cousin Jill.

It is 15 years since the events of Scream and Sidney is back in Woodsboro to promote her new book and connect with family still living there. Dewey, (David Arquette) is now the Sheriff in town and is still married to Gale Weathers whose writing career is starting to fail. Needless to say, the return of Sidney brings with it all the usual dangers that living in Woodsboro with her there brings – the return of Ghostface. Who will it turn out to be? Will it be an easy spot or will there be many twists and turns to trip you up along the way…

I quite liked this movie as it did bring everything up to date. In particular the digital age that we now all live in. The use of smartphones, video sites such as YouTube and also the social networking world that exists are all included in the storyline of this movie and are used as tools to heighten the experience of the film and indeed integral parts of the characters personalities. The original rules that existed in Scream all those years ago are now out of the window and as is demonstrated in the movie by Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin) a new set has to be written in order to figure out who the killer is in this version. And its this new set of rules that incorporates the technological devices that we all have and use on an everyday basis without thinking about.

One of the downsides to this film I thought was that it was a little long and coming in at 111 minutes, I think many cinema goers felt the same. A slasher movie, in my opinion, should be no more than an hour and a half. Viewers don’t want to be sat for nearly 2 hours getting continually wound up then let down, too much of that can spoil a film and just make it look ridiculous. The movie pays a lot of homage to its original counterpart, but I don’t think it was anywhere near as good. That being said, I did quite enjoy it and would give it 6/10. Its watchable, but it won’t be memorable. Heres the trailer to give you a teaser: