After writing my TV theme tunes blog earlier today, someone commented that I should do one about Kids TV themes. It was always going to be my intention and so here is part one.

There were some cracking kids tv tunes when I was a little boy. (yes I know hard to believe I was). Anyway, there are so many I could literally go on forever here with them, but I shall post up some of my favourites. Lets start with probably everyone’s favourite – Ulysses 31

awesome, but it wasn’t my pick of the bunch, that will come later… There were loads of this type of cartoon on the go at the time all produced by the same folks – DiC Entertainment. They were usually Japanese animes re-dubbed for the English speaking audience and on the whole were bloody good. Another example of this was “Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors“. Now this tune rocked my Sunday mornings at 8am.

I bet your heads were going there eh? My favourite program was “Battle Of The Planets“. Adapted from the Japanese anime “Gatchaman“, all the violence was removed and to fill the time that left, they introduced 7 Zark 7, the robot that would re-cap the story. Anyway, I loved this show and I really hope that the planned CGI movie version of this is released very soon. I’ll leave you the original tune and then a CGI teaser. Enjoy.

Now lets see, what else was there? “M.A.S.K“, I wasn’t so keen on that, there was “Centurions“, yep, thats right, the one where they got loads of things joining on to them “Power Extreme!” but who can forget the timeless classic that is “He-Man“. It always did make me wonder why he had never tried out his “magic sword” before. Was he just wandering along the road one day and though “hmm I think I’ll hold aloft my magic sword and improvise some random words like..oh I dunno – by the power of Grayskull” ? I wonder what his early attempts were like.

1. I held aloft my nifty looking sword and said – sword, LIGHT UP!…nah
2. I ‘ll grab my sword from my back in a cool way and shout – I wanna be the most powerful man EVER!
3. I held aloft my MAGIC sword (I like it so far) and said – by the power of GRAYSKULL and Oh.. My…GOD! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!

Heres the intro to that great cartoon. Incedentally, a new live action version is currently “in developement” and has been for a number of years. I hope it comes to fruition.

Watch out for part two of this blog coming very soon.