So I did the Japanese stuff already, lets come back home to Britain now and look at some of the classic kids TV theme tunes and show that we all loved and probably still do to this day. First up “Camberwick Green“.

There were three programmes in the family, Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley. Camberwick was always my favourite though and it wasn’t so much the tune to this, but more the music box. I remember fondly trying to guess who was coming out of the box on any given day. More often than not though, it was Windy Miller. I do like seeing Peter Hazell the Postman though, hehe. Any fans of both this and “Life On Mars“, the sci-fi/cop show with John Simm starring will love this next clip…

Lets move on. How about some “Rainbow“? What got me about this show was the fact that Bungle had to wear pyjamas to go to bed, but thought it was perfectly acceptable for a very young audience to see him parading around all day with no clothes on. Hmmm… Jeffrey? your pals have a lot to answer for. And yes I have seen the rude episode and have played with Jane’s maracas many a time =)

There are so many shows again here that I loved as a child and some that I still watch. Trumpton is one of my son’s favourites after I managed to get ahold of them to show him what proper telly is like and again like my last blog could go on forever, but next in my list would be “Dangermouse” A classic tune and show that had the talents of David Jason in it, so it must’ve been good…GRIEF!

I think my favourite one has to be this next clip though. The animation was superb, the idea very simple and it always had a happy ending. I give you “Chorlton & The Wheelies“. It was just very clever and I remember the kettle rattling on the hill. Enjoy and feel free to add your own favourite tunes and shows in the comments.