There are a couple of movies that I am actually quite looking forward to this year, this doesn’t happen very often and I am usually disappointed when I do see them. Oddly enough they are both comic book films; a genre that I am getting a bit sick of to be honest. They seem to be just churning out any old superhero nowadays and we must be getting close to saturation point with this type of flick.

First up is “Captain America“. A character I always quite liked despite his being the typical gung ho all American hero that always saves the day. Anyway, I fancied this from when it was green lighted and the footage that I have seen so far is very impressive. Of course, I also said that about Spiderman 3 when I first saw the teaser for that and the final product was absolute garbage. Chris Evans (no not the ginger one from the radio) stars in the title role. This is the only thing that is bugging me a bit as he also played The Human Torch in “The Fantastic 4“, and I’m not sure that seeing him as a different superhero might be off-putting. Still, he suits the role from the trailer and I look forward to seeing this in the summer. Heres the trailer:

The second of my anticipated movies of the year is “X-Men : First Class“. Yes another reboot of a movie series, but this time going back to the start before all the Magneto/Xavier shenanigans. The story basically tells the story of how Charles Xavier started his school for the gifted and how Erik Lehnsherr became his best friend and future archenemy. With big names like James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in the main roles, the makers have gone all out to make this a hit and forget the disappointments of the previous two films in the franchise. Out on the 3rd June I’m hoping to review this one very soon.