A few years ago, I stumbled upon a video on Youtube called “Every Car You Chase”. It was the first “mash-up” that I had heard. I mean, I’d heard songs using samples of other songs, but this was the first time I had heard two specific songs joined together in such a way. Here is that track for your enjoyment:

A true classic I think you’ll agree. It was recently featured in Adam Sandler‘s most recent movie “Just Go With It” He is of course a huge fan of mash-ups and featuring Partyben‘s best ever mash-up was quite pleasing for me as it proved that this kind of song is now proving to be very popular.

So anyway, I quite fancied the idea of having a go at this type of thing myself. My love of music and desire to do something that was reasonably original made me go and do some research on the subject of making mash-ups. I found some software called Adobe Audition which enables me to import tracks in MP3 format and chop, cut, and paste them in whatever length sections I like. So I had a few mess arounds and finally had the courage to have a real go at it. What follows is an early attempt and the sound isn’t the best, but here it is without any video, but I just wanted to get it out there.

I was pretty pleased with how the mix had turned out, not so much the levels but the compositions was decent. So I urged myself on and looked out some Queen and some Sly Fox. Two tracks that I had always thought would go very well together. I had recently come across a website called mashup-charts.com and thought it woudl be pretty neat to get “published” and heard by other mash-up fans. This was also my first attempt at making a video which I did with the use of some software called Sony Vegas. Heres the video:

At the time of writing this, “Lets Rock You All The Way” currently sits at number 28 on mashup-charts. Please visit it here and rate it. In my next blog I shall continue with a couple more mash-ups that I have created since that one.