A movie about some Romans and a lost Eagle. This film stars Channing Tatum as Roman leader Marcus Aquila who after saving his men in Britain is medically retired from the army much to his displeasure. He lives for the army and wants to bring honour back to his family name years after his father allegedly brought shame on it and Rome by managing to lose “The Eagle” – a golden standard that is very important to Rome itself, and some Roman’s during the film actually say that The Eagle IS Rome.

So after the early part of the film is over where Marcus saves his regiment from an attack by The Britons he is sent to his uncle in Southern Britain to recover from a badly broken leg. Expecting to return to active duty, he is crestfallen when he is honourably discharged from the army. With nothing left to do, he takes in a Gladiator show and saves the life of a slave Esca who is played by Jamie Bell of Billy Elliot fame.

The pair embark on a quest across Hadrian’s Wall into the North of Britain to try to locate The Eagle which is rumoured to be in the possession of the Seal Clan after they massacred the 9th Legion which was led by Aquila’s father who was the last Roman to hold The Eagle. Much rumour goes around Rome as to whether Aquila’s father was a coward and ran or whether he fought to the death to protect The Eagle.

What ensues is a tale of trust, betrayal, forgiveness and friendship. On the whole it was a pretty well made film and some good action in it, but as my wife pointed out, the film-makers in her opinion should have dramatised a Simon Scarrow novel instead of this particular story written by Rosemary Sutcliff. I enjoyed it for the most part, but the plot was very predictable and not very complex. It was a pretty easy movie to follow and for sheer brainless entertainment, I’ll give it a 5.5/10. If you want something a little more interesting, then move along. Its a decent watch, don’t expect an Oscar winner here.