I finally got around to watching this movie last night. This is one of those films that I saw the trailer for before its release and forgot all about until now. Based on the 2001 novel “The Dark Fields” by Irish writer Alan Glynn, Limitless tells the story of Eddie Morra, played by Bradley Cooper, who is an uninspired writer who is on the verge of losing all the things in his life that are important to him.

We quickly discover that his successful girlfriend Lindy, played by Abbie Cornish, has basically had enough and dumps him. When drunk one afternoon Eddie is stumbling through the city, he bumps into his ex wife’s brother Vernon. A former drug dealer, although we are led to believe he still is. Vernon recognises Eddie and they get talking and this ends up in Vernon giving Eddie a new drug called NZT-48.

The drug allows its user to access every part of the brain with clarity and precision and upon experiencing the effects of NZT, Eddie feels that he can achieve anything that he puts his mind to whilst on the drug. He quickly returns to Vernon to get more NZT and while out getting coffee, comes back to Vernon’s apartment to find he has been brutally murdered. Eddie finds Vernon’s stash of NZT and embarks on a rollercoaster ride that will bring him major success and riches, along the way dealing in major business deals with Carl Van Loon who is played by Robert de Niro.

The mystery of NZT along with its origins unfolds and Eddie and his girlfriend have to escape certain situations with unsavoury people that are following them throughout the movie culminating in some drastic decisions by the main characters in order to survive.

Although just over and hour and a half in length, this story had me from the moment Eddie first took NZT and the plot really makes the film seem longer. I enjoyed it very much and I would put in the same category as the likes of The Lawnmower Man and Minority Report in style. There is some very clever camera work that allows you to experience the effects of NZT at its height and although perhaps a little nauseating, the result is effective.

With nothing too unbelievable in the story, the enjoyment of the film is much better and I would give this a very solid 7/10. An interesting and engaging plot that is well portrayed by Cooper and Co. I would recommend this movie for Sci Fi or indeed mystery fans. Heres the trailer to wet your appetite.