3 Days Until The Final

So last night was an eventful night, with some big countries not able to do enough to qualify for the final. Turkey was a shocker as was Norway. Poland was the other big name to fail to qualify.

So going through were, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Georgia, Finland, Iceland, Hungary, Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Greece. Although we will not find out the amount of votes they got until after the final. Needless to say, with some big names not going through that were expected to do well, it gives some hope to the UK.

So onto Thursday and the second semi final. I think this is the better of the two semis and some much better songs in this lot. An awful lot of Balkan countries here so it will be very interesting to see which make it through to meet their counterparts in the final on Saturday night.

Here are my picks for qualification:

Israel – Its the return of Dana International. A previous winner. Can’t see this not making it through. – CLICK
Latvia – A country that normally doesn’t take this so seriously. They mean business. Justin Bieber lookie likie aswell. – CLICK
Estonia – Highly tipped this one, time will tell if the hype matches the performance. – CLICK
Ireland – Good old Jedward, indecipherable most of the time, this catchy track has a chance of qualification. – CLICK
Slovakia – Another set of twins here, miles better looking though. Can they qualify for the first time ever? – CLICK
Netherlands – Their best effort for a very, very long time. The final needs more like this. – CLICK
Bosnia – Another returning artist who knows how it all works and should get through. – CLICK
Denmark – Definitely a dark horse, just as Finland was in the first semi final. Get those feet tappin’ – CLICK
Romania – A British singer but representing someone else. Should make it through though. – CLICK
Sweden – A former boy band member, but has gone solo. Should be a Popular effort this one 😉 – CLICK

I got 6 out of 10 in the first semi final, I think I may do better this time around, I look forward to the facebook conversations on Thursday night. Enjoy for now. I will do a final preview following the 2nd semi final results.