6 Days Until The Final

Well its almost here folks, the first semi final is tomorrow so lets get the last 2 entrants sorted out and then I’ll speak a little about who I think will qualify on Tuesday night in Semi Final 1.

We have Italy first today. A country that is returning after a long time away from the contest. They last took part in 1997 when the UK last won it funnily enough. Are the planets aligning for us here? lol. Anyway, heres Raphael Gualazzi with “Follia D’Amore”.

Ok, how about NO! Its a guy at a piano who has a major problem opening his eyes, and he aint much of a singer when it comes to the higher notes. Why did they think this was a good idea? but then, I hate jazz music so I’m definitely biassed on this one.

And finally, its the UK. We have actually taken the step to enter a recognised group into the contest. Fair enough they were split up and have reformed to do this in an attempt to kickstart a comeback, but Blue did have very good chart success first time around and perhaps this can help the UK to be a little more respectable this year. The song is “I Can”.

Personally I quite like this. Its the best entry we have had for a long entry. My only concern is the amount of high pitch singing in this track. The performance will be EVERYTHING here. Its not a bad song. The live versions I have heard so far don’t fill me with great confidence so far, and we only get one shot at it. I don’t think it’ll be a disaster though.

And there you have it. Those are all 43 entrants and their songs. For the first semi final, there are a few that I think will do well and here are my predictions for the 10 qualifiers on Tuesday night:

Hungary – Its a very catchy song and sung in dual n for extra points. Definite qualifier this. – CLICK
Poland – Another catchy song that sounds like The Saturday’s “Up” and a sexy lady with long legs singing it. – CLICK
Turkey – For a bit of variety to add a little rock music to the final, Turkey usually qualify. – CLICK
Georgia – Again for a little rock music, I quite like it so it goes through for me. – CLICK
Armenia – One of those classic cheesy Eurovision tunes that should be in the final. – CLICK

The next 5 are entries that bookmaker Skybet favour to qualify:

Azerbaijan – Its the favourite to qualify with ease. – CLICK
Russia – The second favourite for semi final 1. Its better than I remember it. – CLICK
Greece – Ah yes, the angry hip hop Greeks. – CLICK
Finland – LOL, lets save our planet with Oskar, Da da dam. – CLICK
Norway – Its the last of a bad bunch really, need to ditch the autotune though. – CLICK

So those are my predictions for the first semi final. I hope you enjoy it if you’re watching and please post your comments here.