A good old fashioned revenge movie here. Faster is the story of one man’s quest for revenge. Starring Dwayne Johnson, the movie is set in a busy city and it isn’t long before we know why “The Driver” is out on a murder rampage.

The Driver was the getaway man in a bank heist along with his brother Gary. They did actualy manage to get away from the pursuit of the police, but upon returning to their hideout, they were ambushed by another crew who stole the money and brutally killed Gary. Johnson’s character is shot in the head, but survives and is imprisoned for his crime. Released 10 years later, he tracks down each member of the rogue crew and proceeds to wipe them out one by one.

On his trail is a cop who is days from retirement played by Billy Bob Thornton. We see early in the film that he is a heroine addict, but this doesn’t seem to stop him managing to follow the trail of The Driver with the help of female detective Cicero played by Carla Gugino. To make matters worse for The Driver, someone has also hired a hitman to kill him and put a stop to the revenge killings before he gets to the top man. The asassin has some personal issues and is a former dot.com millionaire who had a change of career somewhere along the line. The Killer is played by relative newcomer Oliver Jackson-Cohen and we discover at the end of the film why he retrained.

I enjoyed this movie. Its a little like Man On Fire, but a little less personal from the watchers point of view. Dwayne Johnson is making a very good name for himself and yes he will probably do a lot of this type of movie, but it was not a wasted hour and a half. The storyline is engaging and it is well portrayed on screen by the actors. I would reccommend this film for anyone who wants to kill ninety minutes without having to think about too much about the plot or why people do what they do in the story. I give it 3.5/5