15 Days Until The Final

Onwards and upwards then. A couple more Eastern European countries and we’ll start with Belarus. Anastasia Vinnikova brings us this pop track entitled “I Love Belarus”.

Can you guess what I think of this? Lol, yes you’re right, I don’t like it. Its just one of those really cheesy, crappy pop tracks that just plods along. That said, its probably just what Eurovision is known for and will probably qualify now I’ve said its not for me. A blatant use of  the word “Russia”, perhaps to get nice votes from neighbours?

Next up is one of my favourite countries in Eurovision, Latvia. They always seem to do something quite funny and don’t take themselves too seriously. This year they are represented by Musiqq singing a track called “Angel In Disguise”.

It would appear Latvia are taking it seriously this year which was unexpected. Its a pretty catchy tune actually and one that I would hope qualifies. The bookies don’t fancy it though. One of the chaps does look like Justin Bieber.

Third today is Denmark and A Friend In London singing “A New Tomorrow”. Watch out for the hair!

Upon first hearing of this, I didn’t really like it, but having heard it a few times now, I have changed my mind. This may be a very good outside chance of winning the contest and with a track that sounds a lot like a previous winner “Love Shine A Light” (UK 1997), Denmark may hve found a winning formula here. Its certainly getting favourable comments from around Europe.

Finally today, the one you’ve all been waiting for. Yes thats right folks, its Ireland!

You know you love it! Its Jedward with “Lipstick”. This will qualify purely on the strength of it being Jedward. They were gutted to hear that the UK were not allowed to vote in their semi final although a little research beforehand would have told them that. This could’ve had a woman singing it and performance on the night will be key. I’m pretty sure that autotune is not allowed on stage 😉 Personally I hate this, but I can see why it might qualify.

Next time I shall give you a couple of the “Big 5”.