Super tells the story of an ordinary guy that invents his own alterego to save his wife from a life of drugs and bad company and his unconventional ways of fighting crime. I saw the trailer for this movie a short while back and loved it. I got a hold of the movie the other day and watched it just last night so this is a very fresh review.

Chocked full of stars including the great Kevin Bacon as Jacques, and Liv Tyler as Sarah, the main characters are Frank who is played by Rainn Wilson who found major stardom as Dwight Shrute in The Office. Libby is played by Juno’s Ellen Page. The big surprise for me was the appearance of the very funny and talented Nathan Fillion as The Holy Avenger.

The plot circulates around Frank’s, or The Crimson Bolt’s quest to win back his wife after she leaves him for Jacques and the life of drugs that she once knew before she met Frank. Along the way, The Crimson Bolt learns to fight crime with the help of his pipe wrench which he wields with sometimes excessive force for the crime. Once such occasion is splitting a guy and his girlfriend’s heads open just for jumping a queue for the cinema. During his research into superheroes, Frank meets Libby, a young woman who works in a comic book store. She becomes The Crimson Bolt’s kid sidekick – Boltie, and together they set off to rescue Sarah from the evil Jacques.

I wasn’t expecting much of a plot, but from the initial trailer I was expecting a lot more comedy. The Crimson Bolt’s actions were funny yet sometimes a little shocking and the mixture of violence and comedy just didn’t seem to fit right. I know this was very much a tongue in cheek movie, but I think the writing was very often poor and the jokes lacking.

Now as I said, I loved the trailer for this movie, but the actual finished article was a big disappointment. Nathan Fillion was criminally underused, although he is very good in the role and funny in an intentional bad acting kind of way, and if you are expecting a Kick Ass movie, you will be left wanting I’m afraid. This promised so much and left me empty and wondering why I hadn’t watched something else instead. Therefore it only gets a 5/10 from me and most of that was the Nathan Fillion bits, which were the funniest parts in the film.