17 Days Until The Final

Another 3 countries today for you and they’re all from the Balkans. First its the turn of Slovenia. Maja Keuc is singing a balland called “No one”. I’ll leave the final verdict to you.

Yep you guessed it. Dina Carroll is back! AGAIN! You’d think she was on commission for soundalikes this year. I’m fast running out of razor blades. This is a big fat no from me.

Romania next. This is Hotel FM with “Change”. A big band/pop number here with a male soloist with big ideas about changing the world which frankly aint going to happen…

This isn’t for me I’m afraid, nor the rest of Europe I fear, sorry. We are rapidly running out of countries to actually qualify here and calling the semis is going to be a hard job.

Finally today, the 2nd favourite for the entire contest, Estonia. This is a very strange style or indeed a number of styles throughout the song. “Rockefeller Street” is sung by Getter Jaani.

It certainly has a chance and for me has a catchy chorus with an energentic performance. With the Eastern Block vote behind it, you’ve gotta put it among the favourites just as the bookies have.

There are just 9 more countries to show you in the coming days.